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The Village Funeral by Frank Holl





Frank Holl

The Village Funeral (1872)


Frank Holl (July 4, 1845 - July 31, 1888), English painter, was born in London, and was educated chiefly at University College School.

Frank Holl (1845 -1988) by Paul Ripley

Frank Holl was the son of the late eminent engraver Francis Holl ARA, and was born on July 4 1845, at St James's terrace, Kentish-town.

As a boy he went to University College School, but his inherited love for art soon asserted itself, and at 15 he was entered as a probationer in the Royal Academy Schools. There he soon made his mark, obtaining a silver medal in 1862, and a gold medal and a scholarship the following year.

In 1864 he began to exhibit, and from that time contributed regularly to exhibitions.

In 1868 he obtained the Two Years' Traveling Studentship, and a little later he may be said to have decided upon the style of subject and treatment by which, for the next ten years he was almost exclusively known.

He devoted himself to subject pictures, generally of a pathetic and melancholy cast, such as are indicated by the titles "No Tidings from the Sea" (1871), "Leaving Home" (1873) , "Deserted "(1874), "Want," and "The Emigrant's Departure." Pictures of this kind, treated with undeniable power and vigour, gained him his Associateship in 1878; but if he had not in a happy moment ventured into a different field of art, he would not have taken a front rank among English painters.

Article By: Dave Roberts.

First Published: 2007.



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