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The Fount


The Fount





Frank Dobson

The Fount (1947-1948)


Frank Dobson (1886-1963) is now considered one of the pioneers of modern British sculpture.

Born in London, he attended Leyton School of Art: 1900-1902. Then studied under sculptor Sir William Reynolds-Stephens from: 1902-4. Between 1906-1910 he was at Hospitalfield Art Institute, Arbroath. Then the City and Guilds School, Kennington, from: 1910-1912.

Although his early work consisted of mainly paintings, following the First World War he turned increasingly to sculpture.

He worked both in bronze and stone although made some wood carvings prior to the outbreak of WWI.

He showed internationally and gained a reputation for his classical nudes. He became one of the most esteemed sculptors of his time.

Between 1946-53 he was Professor of Sculpture: Royal College of Art.

The change of artistic trends towards postmodernism brought about a decline of interest.

Dobson is represented in many public galleries, including the Tate Gallery. There was an Arts Council memorial exhibition in 1966 and more recently there was a major retrospective at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, in 1994.

Article By: Dave Roberts.

First Published: 2007.



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