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The next Picture Selection Day will be on Saturday 29th January 2011

Have you ever thought it would be nice to have a picture at home or in your office which you could change on a regular basis?

The Picture Lending Scheme enables residents of Leeds to borrow works on a three month loan for a modest fee.

This innovative scheme was started in December 1961 with a grant from the Gulbenkian Foundation.

The scheme has the following types of pictures:

*Original oils by local artists.

*Original drawings and watercolours, including works by Leeds based artists Phil Hopkins and Mary Lord.

*Original photographs, including Fay Godwin's 'Beech Trees' from the poetry anthology 'Remains in Elmete' by Ted Hughes.

*Original, signed, limited edition prints.

*Original prints, unlimited editions.

*Reproductions from the collections at Leeds Art Gallery.

You can purchase copies of the reproductions from the shop if you decide you like them.

Picture selection couldn't be easier. You apply in person, with a photocopy of your ID (passport or driving licence) on one of the quarterly Saturday selections days.

There is on occasion, an artist led workshop taking place in the Artspace as an added attraction.

These events are free but there may be a modest charge to cover the cost of materials.


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