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Exhibiting Art On This Website

The aim of this website is to present to a wider audience the diversity of art that can be found in Leeds. During the continued development of the website we will be adding sections which can be used by existing artists to exhibit their work.

One of our objectives is to photograph, catalog and exhibit the large collection of public art works that are on open display around Leeds. For this purpose we aim to form a small team of volunteer photographers to assist us in this project. If you are interested in joining us, please visit our contacts page, then use the volunteer photographers form. We will contact you, after we receive your details. Please be aware: This may take some time as we are very busy.

Submitting Artwork to this Website
In the first instance, please see our contacts page, use the appropriate contact form to send brief details of your artwork. We will then contact you. Please be aware: This may take some time as we are very busy.

Please do not send examples of work until we have asked for them.

Note from the Artists Online Submission Team: Leeds Art Gallery Online is a popular website and offers great opportunities to showcase your work to a wider audience, it is not owned by Leeds City Art Gallery or Leeds City Council, instead it is run entirely independently by volunteers presenting a fanzine on art works which may be seen at Leeds City Art Gallery and around Leeds.

Submitting Artwork to Leeds City Art Gallery
Notes for artists making an exhibition proposal:

The exhibition programme at Leeds Art Gallery has an emphasis on significant and interesting new developments in contemporary art and exhibitions that explore the history of 19th and 20th century art.

The programme of exhibitions is put together 12 to 18 months in advance, larger scale exhibitions at least 2 years in advance. The programme is determined by the Gallery curators in consultation with the Director of Museum and Galleries and endorsed by the Officer Board of Leeds Leisure Services, with a view to presenting a programme that is interesting, significant, diverse and balanced in terms of artistic practice and cultural interest. As a division of Leeds City Council's Leisure Services, Leeds Museums and Galleries are committed to the Council's Equal Opportunities policy.

Application Procedure:
Leeds City Art Gallery welcome applications from: other galleries wishing to tour exhibitions, from independent exhibition organisers and directly from artists.

To apply, please send:
*A proposal outlining the exhibition.

*Supporting visual material, preferably transparencies or slides (5-6 and not more than 15), which we will then return once the application has been considered. At this stage the Gallery cannot accept the submission of original artworks.
*A copy of your CV.
*It is helpful but not necessary if you can outline in your submission - what makes your proposal distinctive and how, in your view, it might be of interest to the Gallery's diverse audiences.

Postal address:
Curator of Exhibitions

Leeds Art Gallery

The Headrow

It may take at least 6 months for you to get a response.

Additional notes from: Leeds Art Gallery

Leeds Art Gallery receives a considerable number of applications for exhibitions, particularly from individuals wanting to show their work. Inevitably there is only a small proportion of these that we can practicably pursue. The decisions we make are taken not only on the merits of an individual proposal itself, but also on the way in which it might work with our exhibition programme as a whole. Often we set out to create links between different exhibitions to create 'seasons' which pursue and explore various ideas and themes, giving Gallery visitors opportunities to make connections and find new approaches to viewing contemporary art in the context of the Gallery's rich collections.

If you are setting out to exhibit for the first time you might also like to consider submitting work to our annual Artists Show, open to residents of the Yorkshire and Humberside regions.

For information on this year's submission dates please contact the Art Gallery.

Please note: This website is operated independently form Leeds City Council. The website admin have no jurisdiction or influence on work exhibited at Leeds City Art Gallery. For details regarding the Gallery, please see our contacts page.


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