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Painting in the English landscape tradition, Hitchens fused it with his high regard for modernist developments.  A passionate painter of Landscapes from around his home in Pentworth.  It is likely this image came to him whilst gazing through his window.





Ivon Hitchens (1893 - 1979)

Poppies, Open Window on the Downs


Oil on Canvas

Ivon Hitchens started exhibiting during the 1920s. He joined the 'London Group' of artists, exhibiting with them during the 1930s.

Hitchens went on to become a passionate painter of landscapes, much of his inspiration from around his caravan home, from where he erected his studio - aptly named Greenleaves in Pentworth, West Sussex. He moved to Pentworth following the destruction of his London home during the Blitz of WWII.

Prior to the relocation he had been a painter of nudes and flowers. He also produced many figurative drawings.

On occasion he would invite models to attend Greenleaves, where it is said he would on occasion abandon them because through the window he saw a landscape, or event which distracted him.

Poppies, Open Window on the Downs summarises that passion, it was donated to Leeds City Art Gallery by Stuart Bond in 1947.

Works by Ivon Hitchens have been shown extensively both nationally and internationally. Retrospectives held at the Royal Academy 1979, Serpentine Gallery 1989. He is represented in many British and international galleries, including the Tate Gallery Courtauld Institute, Victoria & Albert Museum, Arts Council & The Yale Centre for British Art.

Ivon's son John Hitchens (painter) and grandson Simon Hitchens (sculptor) are both artists.

Article By: Dave Roberts.

First Published: 2007.


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