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Victoria Horkan


Born in South Yorkshire and now living and working in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Her education began at Bretton Hall College before moving on to studying an MA at Huddersfield University.

Victoria's studies into textile design meant she could explore with vigour the tangible tactile qualities that using unconventional materials gave her. Layering plaster with thick undiluted oil gave rich, painterly textures with a sense of fragility and evocativeness.

More recently the use of raw, organic colour palette, depicting elements of movement is her upmost intention. Victoria's work celebrates the simplest of forms and delivers them into a contemporary age conveying honesty and emotion.

The relationship between her ability to manoeuvre paint and express fluidity and energy, is clever yet unintentional. There's an apparent flexibility in her creativity which is explorative and challenges the scale of how each form is depicted.

Each one of Victoria Horkan's paintings takes her upon another journey, admitting that some of the textures created are accidental, she develops these areas into the focal point for the next piece. The small somewhat irrelevant experiences can hold the most significance.

In this complex world of diversity, innovation and change sometimes the most simple and beautiful elements can go unnoticed. Exposing the subject in its most natural form has a more lasting resonance.

Horkan's work intends to make a historical gesture by bringing her perceptions to the attention of tomorrow's world, a contemporary world which celebrates the positive elements of today.

Victoria offers individual paintings on a commission basis with your specific requirements in mind. She also keeps a collection of paintings which are available for purchase. Working from her home studio in Leeds, she welcomes (by appointment) clients who would prefer to view her work before buying. For an informal chat she can be contacted directly on: 0113 270 2313 or 07841 423577.

For more details about Victoria and her work, please visit her website.



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