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Triumphant 2003, Six metre high, Stainless Steel Sculpture by Clare Bigger.  Location is Leeds Valley Park.  Depicts the Triumphant Champion running a victory lap with banner flying behind.




Triumphant (2003)

Clare Bigger

Genre: Sculpture

Article by: Dave Roberts - First Published: 6 February 2011

Triumphant (2003): 6 metres high stainless steel sculpture.

Location: Leeds Valley Park. Visible from: The A639 roundabout, close to the M1 junction 44, at the access to the business park.

Clare Bigger was born in 1967, she is an established figurative sculptor specialising mainly in stainless steel.

She studied fine art at South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education and has gone on to be a very successful sculptor. Her works are showcased around the UK, she has received many commissions for public art from many well known companies and councils.

She enjoys sport and an active lifestyle which is often reflected in her work, which includes her ability to understand gesture and the spontaneity of movement, yet utilising the minimum of detail, leaving the observer's mind to complete the picture.

This work: "Triumphant" was commissioned by Akeler for Leeds Valley Park. The Triumphant Champion is running a victory lap with his banner flying out behind, a reflection of the Leeds Valley Park logo.

Claire has received many awards including:


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