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The junction box cabinet, Photo by: Jennifer Handley


The junction box cabinet, Photo by: Jennifer Handley




The junction box cabinet

Tony Broomhead

Genre: Street Art

Article by: Jennifer Handley - First Published: 12 October 2011

The junction box cabinet... is what I typed into Google after noticing this lovely surprise artwork on a slightly grotty junction box outside Leeds train station. Thinking it might mysteriously be the work of an anonymous but talented graffiti artist, I was delighted to discover that there are a number of decorated junction boxes around the city centre!

This one, complete with doily and coffee ring, is by artist and architect Tony Broomhead and was done very recently as you can just make out from the date on the cabinet, 2011. It is one of ten commissioned pieces for a project called Junction initiated by Situation Leeds, part of Leeds Met Gallery & Studio Theatre, working with The Culture Company.


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