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'Cornucopia', Photo by: Jennifer Handley


'Cornucopia', Photo by: Jennifer Handley





Graeme Willson

Genre: Mural

Article by: Jennifer Handley - First Published: 17 October 2011

Murals date back many tens of thousands of years, since man first applied paint to the walls of caves! This one dates from 1990 and adorns a wall near the Corn Exchange in the centre of Leeds. It is by mural artist Graeme Willson.

Murals tend to be harmoniously integrated with the architecture for which they are intended. They can become landmarks in a town or city and often involve collaboration between artists and architects. 'Cornucopia', after its unveiling in the same year that the Corn Exchange was opened for business by Specialty Shops (the owners of the Corn Exchange at the time), was awarded the Leeds Award for Architecture and the Environment.

COMMENT BY: Richard Handscombe
This particular wall used to be the home of the Guinness Clock, featuring the Macaw famous in their ads. "I'll meet you under the Guinness Clock" was a very common phrase for courting couples in the 1960's.


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