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Posterior profile of Cancara.


The 14 inch high model made out of welded steel rods.


A hardboard drawing template on site to check the visual appearance.


Work taking place on the sculpture outside Peter Tysoe's studio at Dartington in Devon


Peter Tysoe on The Black Horse during installation.


The Black Horse being lowered onto the plinth.


The sculture finished and in place.


Cancara rearing up.


Profile of Cancara with Park Row as the backdrop.


Close up of Cancara rearing.




The Black Horse

Peter Tysoe

Genre: Sculpture

Article by: Seán Gormally - First Published: 28 November 2012

Sculpture in front of Lloyds TSB on Park Row.

'The Black Horse', as it was originally named, is a steel sculpture at over 4 metres tall that stands in place in front of the Lloyds TSB building on Park Row.

In 1974, Peter Tysoe was one of several sculptors invited to submit ideas for a sculpture of the Black Horse, to be part of the new Lloyds Northern HQ building in Leeds. He suggested creating the form of a horse in steel rod and tube sections - so that it would be like a 3 dimensional line drawing. He then made a 14 inch high model in steel rods, welded to create the form. The architects involved in the building project liked it, and the clients awarded him the commission to make the full size version, which was installed in 1976.

The black horse device has been in use by Lloyds since 1884 when it took over another site ran by a Humphrey Stokes who had been using the logo since 1677 and decided to keep it on.

Since the inception of the sculpture it has been renamed 'Cancara' in honour of the iconic English graded Trakehner Stallion 'Downlands Cancara' who represented the bank in television advertisements for sixteen years from 1989.

Many thanks to Peter Tysoe for supplying pictures of The Black Horse at various stages of creation.


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