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Viewed from the top level by the escalators.


Equus Altus as viewed from the top level (1st Floor).


Equus Altus as seen from the ground floor.


As seen from the walkway that runs in front of the sculpture on the ground floor.




Equus Altus

Andy Scott

Genre: Sculpture

Article by: Seán Gormally - First Published: 22/03/13

One of two sculptures (see "The Briggate Minerva" for the other) by Andy Scott for the Leeds Trinity Centre.

This Sculpture, known as Equus Altus, is situated in the central atrium of the Leeds Trinity Centre, stands at 15 metres tall and weighs in at an impressive 2 tonnes. It was created by Glaswegian artist Andy Scott. The design of the sculpture is a reference to the pack horses that used to be employed during Leeds' industrial days.

COMMENT BY: Stephen Tyndale-Biscoe
One of the most astonishing, beautiful and graceful sculptures I have seen. The surface is a mosaic of small rectangular pieces of aluminium (I suppose) welded to create a translucent form of immense grace, and through which can be seen hints of movement and sky.

The arrangement of the silvery, mosaic-like structural elements is especially striking because of the way they "flow" around the piece, their effect almost fluid.
Why the thing doesn't topple over or collapse is miraculous.


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