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Reflecting the sunlight against a stormy sky.


Silhoutted against the sky.


Profile shot of Minerva looking up Briggate.


Minerva with a piece of cloth draped over her arms.


Front shot of Minerva with the Briggate entrance to the Trinity Centre behind.


The sun shining through as seen from behind.




The Briggate Minerva

Andy Scott

Genre: Sculpture

Article by: Seán Gormally - First Published: 22/03/13

One of two sculptures (see "Equus Altus" for the other) by Andy Scott for the Leeds Trinity Centre.

This sculpture was commissioned to Glaswegian artist Andy Scott to take pride of place outside of the Leeds Trinity Centre's Briggate entrance where she stands at 5 metres tall.

Minerva was, amongst other things, the Roman goddess of commerce and weaving making her not only a suitable sculpture to represent the Trinity Centre, but also equally applicable for Leeds which became a major industrial centre during the Industrial Revolution thanks mainly to its production of textiles.

COMMENT BY: Brian Barker
Loved the sculpture but not the cheap looking iron pole supporting her. My first impression as I got closer crossing Briggate last week was that it looked like something that had been recycled from Steptoe's yard! Think a far more aesthetically pleasing pedestal could have been designed to support such an ethereal figure, and in such a prime location. To me they jarred, and looked totally at odds with each other. The pedestal should enhance and not detract, which to my eye is what that pole does.


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